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11 December 2005

The Fox And The Goat

For the illustration course that we had last semester, the final assignment was to illustrate a children's story. We had the option of selecting any one story from four given. Each of the stories were on of Aesop's Fables.

I chose to do it on The Fox And The Goat. After a lot of thought, I ended up doing it with poster colors on off-white cartridge paper. Initially, I had this idea of making it very, VERY different - I wanted to make both the characters more adult-like characters and "The Well" was going to be a night club where both of them end up and the same story is told in a much different way.

But, due to time constraints and other things, I decided to go the traditional way, while at the same time attempting to give my own style to the story.

The format is vertical to play with the concept of a well and the characters are feature-less because I wanted to be able to use gestures more to communicate the story.

The images are below. I hope you like them. Do let me know what you think.

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