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7 March 2006

Arati in Raipur

One of my Graphic Design batchmates told me there was a locker with the name Arati Iyer in the Graphics Studio and she asked me if it was my cousin's.

Being the curious being that I am, I had a look and - Lo and behold! It was Arati's old locker from her days at NID.

I broke it open only to find a treasure trove of notebooks, photos, posters, and work inside.

I also found a contact sheet from an old black-and-white roll of film that Arati shot when she was in Raipur.

Boy! That brought back memories. I'm posting those photos here. Have a look.

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ME said...

this story is really nice. In fact I was really tempted to use this as part of my story. There is so much of time, destiny and memory in this!!!