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26 March 2006

Go watch Being Cyrus!

Happy Sunday!

If you haven't seen Being Cyrus yet, then what have you been doing? You had the weekend, and you should have watched it!

Smit, Sundar, Siddharth and I went to see it yesterday, and personally I think it's a terrific first film from Homi Adajania.

The pros:

Great direction and camera work. Great editing - by Jon Harris, the same guy who edited Snatch. Each character is well played out and is more of a caricature of himself or herself. It's not exactly what you expect it to be. I love surprises! Oh, and excellent score. What else? Lots of humour, well-written dialogue... It's thoroughly enjoyable.

The cons:

Not for those who like predictable plots. Quite a few loopholes in this unpredictable plot though. Gets a bit slow in the middle -- though out of necessity. A few too many Parsi dialogues, but that's it.

There's no reason why shouldn't watch it. And there's also no reason why you should agree with me.

So go watch the movie (it isn't very long -- just an hour and a half) and post your views here.

See you soon.

Rohit out.

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