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9 March 2006

My Blog in the News

Check this out; it appeared in today's Indian Express (Click for larger version) -

This came as a total surprise to me. Yesterday the writer, Elsa Mathews called me up saying Arun Gupta (one of my teachers) had recommended me for a story she was writing on blogs. So she chatted with me for about fifteen minutes... And then this happens!

I guess this gives me incentive to post regularly now. ;-)

By the way, Elsa is also a blogger. You can check out her blog at


ME said...


chanced upon this suddenly! Hope u liked the story and yes keep posting!
all the best

Cyclops said...

hello dude judt chkd ur post
yes it's a gr8 incentive 2 keep blogging... me to a blogger and a gud frnd of elsa mathew... well nice posts of urs.. keep up the gud wrk... ;)