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19 April 2006


Here is the rough version of my comic book - KAVACH (Kavach literally means "armor"). I'd write more about it, but now's not the time. Enjoy!

(Click on each page for larger versions)


Madhura said...

Hey rohit...I like your treatment- also the fact that it seems indian- would like to see the whole thing though....

asavari said...

oye rohit... interesting treatment . very un-comic book like. i dont know whether that was your intention but it seems like a page out of an illustration book. i would also like to see the whole comic book. what sort of type are you goin to put in it?

Rohit said...

Hi Madhura and Asavari--

First of all, I'm actually quite surprsised that people saw this.

Secondly, yeah the treatment is okay.

But I wanted to post the entire layout online. Blogger was not so receptive.

I'll do that if I can. Then comment on that too.


Madhura said...

surprised that people saw it...? that's funny coz u put it on ur blog......?!