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2 April 2006

Look Ma - I made a promo for Channel [V]!!!


Now, before you actually read this, you're gonna want to have a look at this web page (hope it hasn’t expired by now!) –

Have you had a look? Well, go ahead; I’ll wait.











Great – you’re back. Well, I saw a poster about this competition about “Making your very own promo for Channel [V]” on a lot of the NID notice boards about, mmmmm… two weeks ago. At THAT point of time, I thought – “Hey – I’ve just made a promo; don’t wanna do THAT again! And anyway, two weeks is nearly not enough to make a proper promo.

So I stayed that way with my little mind, not knowing what a little bit of work frustration and restlessness and a crazy idea could do. You see, my jury’s coming up and I really haven’t done all the work that I should have been doing all semester. There’re tons of backlogs left before I can feel satisfied about my work this year.

But what does all of that have to do with this? Well, the point is, sometimes it takes doing something crazy to bring passion back into your work. And that’s what happened here.

I was still thinkin’, “Hey – I don’t need to make no promo. I don’t hafta prove anythin’ to anybody.” And then I see people left-right-and-center running around doing stuff. I still wasn’t convinced. But then one day (four sleepless nights ago), I had an idea. And I decided – “What the hell – let’s do this and see what happens!”

So, “What happened?”, you ask…

Well, I spent four solid days in my room in front of my computer, with absolutely no paper (but a Graphic Tablet and a Stylus), drank loads of chai, kept myself awake listening to everything from Pink Floyd to the Bluffmaster soundtrack and came up with this –

I hope you like it. In fact, you BETTER like it. Because I’ve uploaded it on the Channel [V] website, see? And there’s NO way I can change it… So don’t go getting any ideas or suggestions or advice. It won’t make a difference. And anyway, I’m gonna sleep through this Sunday, so even if you DO leave a message, I’ll see it only on Monday. So make it a NICE COMPLIMENT.

I hate Mondays as it is.

Rohit out.


Raj said...

hey rohit ... nice work ..
have been seein the channel v promo ads on tv a lot lately, i din really thing we had tht good a animators in our country .. thts some good talent .. but then .. before i came across ur promo i also came across this other real good animation for this same channel V promo thingy .. i think u should have a look ... anyways .. i juz wanned to get your views on it .. i m kean in all of this so wanna know it from the Expert it self ... ... nice work this is the link

Rohit said...


Hi. Glad to know that you liked my promo. I tried to have a look at the link you posted but apparently the video has been removed by the owner. So no luck.

I wouldn't call myself an "Expert" (Thanks for the compliment, though). I'm only a student right now so I'm open to trying out and learning new things.

It's great to hear that you're interested in animation. Keep looking out for other cool stuff.