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21 July 2006

Too Much Cholesterol

Monsoon Fiesta at NID is coming! I remember last year - I was co-ordinator for VC (Visual Communication) and although we won, it was a draining experience.

This time, I'm more interested in watching from the sidelines as my junior batch work their asses off on giant posters and other things.

There's always a T-shirt design opp during Monsoon Fiesta. There are T-shirts for both the Fiesta as a whole and for each side (VC - Visual Communication, ID - Industrial Design and Foundies - The freshers).

So this time, I thought I'd try my hand at a T-shirt design for the fiesta. The brief was simple - three colours, including the T-shirt colour and it had to have "MF '06" and the NID logo on it.

Here is the front: (Click! for a high-res version of the image)

And here is the back:

Do post your comments about the design.

Meanwhile, I'll get started on a VC T-shirt! Ciao.

PS - "Enthu Cutlet" is what we call people who are over-enthusiastic (Especially during MF) to the extent that... well to the extent that makes this design funny.


Imperfect said...

Hi! Loved the t shirt. Randomly stubled on it while looking for a picture of enthu cutlets. Any chance I can get one? :D

Imperfect said...