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8 August 2006

Poor Penguins...

Microsoft strikes again!

(ArtRage 2)


vai said...

tried to get some enlightenment from google and then this

but am still a little vague about all this penguin vs. charitable trust case.... Whts happenin??

Rohit said...

vai --

I really don't have a clue. This is just an illustration I cooked up for Visual Scripting. I didn't do any research though.

Guess I've got some crazy ESP power now, huh? :)



dangermouse said...

rohit ho how how do i upload videos?

love your blog.

its diff from vais in that more pics less taxt but hers is equally cool.

its fun to have batchmates w blogs huh??

and thanks for posting in my blog beginnings it did encourage considerably.


Rohit said...

dangermouse --

To upload videos, you can go to or and create an account there. These websites allow one to uload videos and then embed them into websites like blogs, your MySpace site, etc. There are other sites also, but these two are the most popular.

By the way, I just follow the old maxim, "A picture speaks a thousand words". Even when I haven't created any art myself or don't have a photograph, I usually do an image search to get something which represents the post. It helps catch attention.

Speaking of vai's blog... I still have to link it! (Oops)