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4 September 2006

What's in a name?

Monday depression.

I'm such a moody guy. I've been thinking about names among other things. I remember that my blog WAS called Wren's World. "Wren" was a word/name I was attached to for a long time, for no particular reason.

Later, I changed to just "Rohit Iyer", because actually... that's the kind of person I am.

Why did I have to go and look at all these other sites with cool names like "". com?

Maybe I should call my blog - "The Man Eating Tiger". Huh?

The deal with Blogger is that you can change the name, but not the URL. That involves a lot of complications. And should I keep starting new blogs for every new idea I have?

*There really IS a "The Man Eating Tiger" Blog, by the way... - I made it. Ha!

It's all really... complicated.

The security in naming one's blog after oneself is that you KNOW you'll always be attached to your name, whereas you might always grow out of a funky, fundoo whatchamacallit cool name.


"And tomorrow folks - we'll talk about templates! What template defines YOU?"

Arrgh! Priorities... that's what I need. BOO-YAH!


Vai said...

no comment :-)

roopal kewalya said...

i read this b4 naming my blog...and let em tell you it was a great help. so thank you and i totally agree with my name as my blogname.