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26 August 2006

Counterstrike Condition Green

A Counterstrike Parody made by Jupiter and I for VC during Monsoon Fiesta 2006 -

15 August 2006

India All Over

Happy Independence Day. Have a good one, folks!

14 August 2006

"New York, New York!"

The Alley

For a short story assignment based on any proverb...

The Alley

By Rohit Iyer

A man was walking down a lane in London when someone hissed at him from inside an alley. “Come in here”, said a voice and a finger emerged from the darkness indicating to the man that he should enter. Being a curious man he made his way into the alley. There he found an attractive woman who looked to be in her thirties. She was chained to the wall. The man asked her, “Who’re you?” She replied, “I’m Kate Moss – the supermodel”. The man smiled and asked, “So what do you want from me?” She answered, “My entire family has disowned me because of my alleged involvement with cocaine usage last year. I am trapped in this alley. I need you to get all my family members here. Only they can free me. In return I will grant you three wishes. Ask and you shall receive.” The man thought for a while and decided on all three at once. He said, “I wish to be rich, famous and talented.” POOF! The man transformed into Keith Richards. He looked shocked and he screamed, “This is not what I asked for!” to which Kate said, “It’s the best I could do. Now please go and get my family!” The man said, “Sorry. No can do.” She was frantic, “Why not?!” As the man walked out of the alley with his guitar over his shoulder he whispered, “Lady - A Rolling Stone gathers no Moss.”

10 August 2006


8 August 2006

Poor Penguins...

Microsoft strikes again!

(ArtRage 2)

7 August 2006

The Ten Anti-Commandments

I should print this and stick it up on the wall in front of me.

5 August 2006

Look Ma - I'm a Painter IX!

Made using Corel Painter IX.

Professor X (Rough)

Made with Alias Sketchbook Pro.

It's 5 am. Too much drawing happening! :)

"Flashy" Self Portrait

Made in Flash MX. Reference: That B/W image to your right!

My First Work of ArtRage

Made with ArtRage 2.0 - an addictive paint program.

2 August 2006

Funny, but true...

One of the better videos on YouTube...

"Stop me if you've heard this one..."

Just pulling the leg of a regular class clown...

(Click on the image for a larger version)