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17 September 2006

Cultural Day - 2006

The two Annas

Blacks Only

Batch of 2004

15 September 2006

Self Caricature - Part 1 - "The Sketch"

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Above: Me... All Black 'n Blue

Okay, okay. So this is a little self-indulgent. But I thought I'd make my own caricature and use it as a template for exploring styles and mediums. Also, I need something new as a display image. I was getting bored of the old one!

So what do we have here? Well basically, it's a blue pencil sketch with a permanent marker outline. The reason for using blue pencil (I only recently discovered) is because of it has many advantages:

- With a blue pencil, you can go wild with your rough strokes and work well with volumes.
- A blue pencil is light, compared to graphite, and so you only see as much as you need to.
- Last but not least, when you Xerox blue-pencil art, it disappears! That way, you don't need to trace your work -- you can just ink on top of it and take a Xerox or blast away the blue in Photoshop (which is incidentally the next step).


The process mentioned above is Cleanup, where you get rid of the rough strokes and leave only the black ink lines. But the problem is that doing that makes your art lose a lot of character and depth.

Above: Me... All Cleaned Up!

See what I mean?

But the fact is that this is what I'll be using to move ahead to the next stage....

Coming Soon!

4 September 2006

What's in a name?

Monday depression.

I'm such a moody guy. I've been thinking about names among other things. I remember that my blog WAS called Wren's World. "Wren" was a word/name I was attached to for a long time, for no particular reason.

Later, I changed to just "Rohit Iyer", because actually... that's the kind of person I am.

Why did I have to go and look at all these other sites with cool names like "". com?

Maybe I should call my blog - "The Man Eating Tiger". Huh?

The deal with Blogger is that you can change the name, but not the URL. That involves a lot of complications. And should I keep starting new blogs for every new idea I have?

*There really IS a "The Man Eating Tiger" Blog, by the way... - I made it. Ha!

It's all really... complicated.

The security in naming one's blog after oneself is that you KNOW you'll always be attached to your name, whereas you might always grow out of a funky, fundoo whatchamacallit cool name.


"And tomorrow folks - we'll talk about templates! What template defines YOU?"

Arrgh! Priorities... that's what I need. BOO-YAH!

2 September 2006

How It Should Have Ended

Found this over on YouTube - It ranks right up there with Angry Alien and The Cowboy Critic. For more secret endings to your favourite movies, check out