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25 October 2006

Our hours are spent in maintenance.
We are the janitors of our lives.

22 October 2006

Illustrating the Mural...

My incomplete concept art for the mural, the poem was supposed to come above the steaming cup of chai and the last line flows out towards the bottom left corner where it splats.

The final illustration selected. This one was made by recomposing illustrations by different people based on the poem. The grid is only for reference.

Pictures of the process coming soon!

17 October 2006

One Messy Night...

(Click on the pages for larger versions)

This is poem I wrote as inspiration for the mural we're planning to paint on our mess wall.

16 October 2006

The great thing about a drawing is that... can make yourself look as good as you want!

7 October 2006

When we did the "DIU"!

On the way to Diu!

Midnight Chai

The Beach

Yours Truly

The Arabian Sea

Sundar and Jacob on the wall.
The whole gang.

Swapnil, me and Sundar

The caves from above.

On the way back.