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18 April 2007

Isn't It Iyeronic presents "KEEDA" (Bugs/Fun)!!!

A stop-motion short film about bugs who just want to party! It's a pool party in a toilet. But when a guy's gotta go, a guy's gotta go. See what the bugs do to save the day!


-You need to have Quicktime 7 to view the video. You can download that here.
-The sound and music are only temp (The music is from The Incredibles OST)
-The titles are going to be redesigned.
-Other than further small changes, you can consider this pretty much the final cut of the film.

Enjoy! :)


dangermouse said...

Rohit, Smit, this film is great! My roomate (illustrator) watched it with me and loved it too! Great pace, with lots of inbetween things happening to keep in teserest. characters are so very unique and well thought out! cool man!

Shreyaa... said... definately cheered my very..."poxed" down spirits ...
but jokes apart...its nice to see nid work..moveing back towards what animation should be ..a little light and fun..and funny!!..
so good job..
and ttly WIC-KID.....characters!! lol..
and ofourse the "WALLS" attention to detail..
way ta go!!

Rohit said...

dangermouse --

Thanks for the compliments! It's especially great to know that our sense of humour (albeit toilet humour) can cross international borders as well.

shreyaa --

Interesting point you make about NID animation. Ironically enough, sometimes humour has to be a concious decision. Glad you liked the film!


dangermouse said...

yea loved the "walls army cut"
i ve been showing it to a lot of ppl around here, and to the ppl at pentagram, and they really liked it! they were like, 'that's so old school! awesome!'

i feel very proud that i can show something well made that represents nid.

Ruchita said...

iyer boy! i FINALLY saw it...damn neat. love the attention to detail. is real fun and looks like u guys enjooyed makin it

remind me to tell u about the Cafe Commode Club sometime :P

good on you mate...keep up the good work