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2 September 2007


Shreyas (previously) is being quite generous when it comes to lending me books. She happens to own a brand new copy of MAUS, both part I and II. The first time I heard about MAUS was when I first read From Aargh! to Zap! by Harvey Kurtzman.

It gave me great joy to finally read the entire story almost like fulfilling something left incomplete in my childhood.

MAUS is a must read for anyone and everyone. It put into a scary context every day things that I take for granted, like ragging or "social interaction" in my college to the food I eat so comfortably.

But more than that I was able to relate most with Artie (Art Spiegelman, the author) and his difficulties in trying to tell a tale which he himself has not witnessed.

Beg, borrow (I did), or steal a copy today!


sayerhs said...

ooh..i get mentioned...twice! AND i get free publicity for my dA iyer :P
as for the book..beg borrow BUY or steal

Anonymous said...

i saw 'hugo cabret' in ur blog, and then went looking for it online, and found it offline and its now on my desk, and am loving it.


thanx a ton! to both of u,