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29 September 2007

On my twenty-second birthday...

...I felt like a new person; I felt like doing things differently; I felt like being better, quicker, stronger; a more whole person...

...until I realized it was just gas.


sayerhs said...

iyer is twenty two
na na na na na na


happy birthday!!

anita & amit said...

hi Rohit,
saw your comment on the Mario post on Drawn.
Thanks for dropping by on our blog, glad you liked it.
By the way, I used to be at the NID too, hazaar saal pehle and I got the boot in the second year!
Since then I am into films and illustrating kiddie books.

David said...

Wait until you hit 32 and realise that while you want, you can't and that the gas just gets worse.

fortysevendown said...

happy birthday!

Rohit said...

Well, actually I'm NOT twenty-two.

I'm twenty-one. I always get this wrong! If the day I was born was my first birthday, then:

1986 - Birthday #1
1987 - #2
1988 - #3
1989... oh you get the idea!

So I'm 21 one years old, but I celebrated my 22nd birthday.

Hmmm... is anyone actually reading this?

Merryn said...

iyer!!! you're NOT 22!!! you're still a good four days younger than me.. sigh! :D n btw! all hail d sarcastic starfish.. great predip!