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13 September 2007

VC Promos 2007

Well, this post is LONG overdue.

Brief introduction - Every year, at NID, we have a festival called Monsoon Fiesta where we have three teams competing for the prize, namely VC (Visual Communication), ID (Industrial Design) and Foundation (Freshers).

Each year we make promos to promote our team and colour. Last year VC's colour was green:

This year we were white.

So here are the promos...

The first is a spoof of an old commercial:

This is our version (Directed by Sayantan, I have a cameo):

Click To Play

The other three promos are spoofs of the Get A Mac Ads. These were made by me, Vinu and Devika.

And here they are. ID's played by Ayush Jain. And Tanvi Bhatia plays the lovely Foundy. Some of the jokes are quite specific, so don't worry if you don't get them.

BE VC - Poster

Click To Play

BE VC - Basketball

Click To Play

BE VC - Next Year

Click To Play

By the way, I play VC.


fulcrum said...

the doodh one is damn sweet man.. :) danny the doodhwallah :D, vinu was funny as well.. did id have anything at all?

Rohit said...


Uh... no. Not really. Unless you liked Kenny's stuff from last year.

'Nuff said.

ayusure? said...

i liked ur be vc series...the poster one is the best one ....but u look good in them... have carved out ur cool dude smart know all image