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17 November 2007

Grin... And Bear It!

I regularly read the SuperHeroHype Boards for discussions on Nolan's upcoming The Dark Knight. I also love looking at the great fan art that people post there.

After lurking for a long time, I thought I'd participate in the thread myself with a go at Ledger's joker. Here are the two versions I posted here:

The portrait was sketched and painted directly in Photoshop and the background images are not mine. I think the joker card is a Bob Kane design.

Click on the images for larger versions.


David said...

Good stuff.

Rohit said...

david --

Thanks a lot. Have you been following the viral marketing being done for The Dark Knight? It's by this firm called 42entertainment.

It's really awesome! But obviously just for yanks.

Anonymous said...

this isn't a comment, per se.
i remember reading about "the three incestuous sisters" on ur blog. have u read her novel "the time traveller's wife"? its really good.


Rohit said...

anonymous --

I haven't read that book. But I did read about it in "The Three Incestuous Sisters". I'll be sure to look it up!