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28 December 2007

Vaibhav's World

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A poster I made for a talk with the NID alumnus and popular Indian animator, Vaibhav Kumaresh. I tried to capture Vaibhav's own bold and sketchy style. His characters Simpoo, Bhoot, Chulbuli, etc. are very well known in India as mascots for TV channels and consumer products.

Vaibhav's been having these Baatein sessions every year at NID, when he comes to take the Stop Motion Animation course.


manuscrypts said...

damn, you get to work on some pretty cool stuff .... will keep droppin in :)

Rohit said...
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Rohit said...

manuscrypts --

Thanks. And thanks for the review again. It's nice to get some good publicity about my work.

I really liked your blog. Keep up the good work!