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24 March 2007


20 March 2007

The Science of Sleep... like a really long short film.

The Virtual Coke Cup

17 March 2007

300 - What a waste...

...that it takes an extravagant visual treat of a politically-basic, big-budget, mega-hollywood event of a film to get people to appreciate a brilliant book that they haven't actually read and probably never will.

It's opera and I loved it. But what a waste.

UPDATE: Hmmm... could I be wrong?

15 March 2007

The End

The guy taking our course is a final year student from the Royal College of Art, named Martin Ruyant. He's French and he did his graduation at Supinfocom school in France. There he made a film with a couple of other people called, The End.

Although the visuals and animation are really good, I was much more impressed with the simple story and strong concept. Have a look below!

13 March 2007

Starting Animation...

Starting to learn Maya animation now. This is a ready-made rigged model that I'll be working with. Soon you'll be able to see some walk cycles and other animation.

12 March 2007

3D Jack

Colour reference:

8 March 2007

Learning MAYA

I've finally got on to the 3D bandwagon with Maya 7.0. Will be working with this software till the end of the semester (April 16th). Considering that I'm already really enjoying this, I'm sure that come April, my fingers will be glued to the mouse!

Till then, I'll keep seeing polygons and texture maps everywhere I go.

6 March 2007