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30 June 2007


Possibly the most interesting character in Ratatouille, for me, is Anton Ego. The film begins and ends with him. He is also a representative of us - the audience.

How long have we craved for something to enjoy; something to love? Although we are quick to point out faults in the work that we see, it is truly a repercussion of the need to find something greater in life - something tastier.

Ratatouille is by no means perfect. I have to admit, if one gets technical, there are quite a few things that I did not like about it. But the important thing is that it strives for greatness; just like its protagonist. Remy knows that he might fail, but ultimately that doesn't mean he shouldn't express himself.

I'd like to applaud Brad Bird for making a film that is not just for "audiences", but also for critics. He has made a film that shows us, by example, that we should expect greater things from our art and our lives.


22 June 2007

Poll - Do I look like this?

Via Priyankar's Blog

Drawn by him too.

20 June 2007

Garage Band

Remember my not so enthusiastic review of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer?


You don't remember?

Well scroll down and have a look. I'll wait for you.

Honestly, I'll wait.

Back? Good.

Well, now that you know that how thoroughly boring that outing was, I can continue. After the movie, I went to Landmark (the book store). The Landmark in Andheri, Mumbai has an amazing collection of Trade Paperback comic books, Manga, Comix and graphic novels. The best part is that you can sit and read whole books, right there in the store.

Since I had some time to kill that Sunday evening, I picked up a couple of books to read. One of them was Gipi's Garage Band and I have to say that it was quite a good read.

Garage band is a small and intimate story about four young band members who practice their music in a garage. The book touches on the differences in each of their lives and how their music brings them together and helps them express themselves.

But the most astounding thing about the book, for me, was the artwork. Gipi's line-work has the honesty of a sketchbook and at times he refuses to clean up extra lines, trials and mistakes.

The water-color palette is subdued and controlled very well throughout the book and the most poignant moments in the story come from the use of space. Gipi devotes whole pages to just depicting the sky and uses these splashes as transitions in a truly cinematic manner.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys great artwork and storytelling - the kind that tells the smaller stories with heart.

If you're still unconvinced, then you can read a preview of Garage Band here.

And also one for Gipi's Notes for a War Story here.

Lucky for us, Gipi's got a blog online here.

It's in Italian, but I'm sure you won't go there just to read.

Talent Campus India 2007

Check this out:

I'd entered my first script, Above the Waves - the one I'd written in during my scriptwriting course for this workshop.

Yesterday, I got a call saying that I'd been selected. So I'll be going to Delhi this July for a 7-day workshop to interact with filmmakers from India and around!

Should be... educational.

19 June 2007

My Aboslutely-Totally-Undeniably First Bit Of Hard-Earned Money!

Do I feel giddy with glee? Do I feel like splurging? Do I want to shout to the world that I can support our economy?

Frankly - no.

But that's just me.

PS - I hope this isn't illegal or something.

18 June 2007

Far-Too-Lame Foursome: Rise of the Sucky Sequels

Well I'm not going to be in Mumbai when Ratatouille comes out (that's by far the only movie I'm sincerely "looking forward" to), so I didn't want to miss the chance to watch a movie before heading back to good 'ol "we-show-only-hindi-movies" Raipur.

Firstly, the Fantastic Four was never really a favorite. I remember picking up with one of my first Spider-Man books at a book fair when I was in elementary school (Other books in bought during that time were Punisher and Batman). Fantastic Four, to me, has always been riddled with camp and too many "inter-galactic" adventures for my simple tastes.

That said, I have to say that I absolutely loved The Incredibles, which while borrowing a LOT from Marvel's famous family of foe-fighting superheroes, was able to translate the concept on to screen with a BANG!

The story of FF2 is quite simple really: The herald of Galactus (the planet eating cosmic being),Norrin Radd (or Silver Surfer - I prefer his real name) has come to earth to prepare it for his master. The Fanatastic Four have to stop this from happening, and surprise-surprise they do. All this happens in the midst of Reed Richards and Sue Storms wedding plans.

There's nothing really wrong with Fantastic Four - it's just too simple to be interested in; a paint-by-numbers (Finally! I get to use that phrase!) picture that is very easy to forget.

The good:
  • Chris Evans as Johnny Storm - he can get pretty annoying, but I think his character kinda grew on me. The payoff of him using all the four powers to fight doom was quite cool.
  • The Silver Surfer - they pretty much got his character right. I really like the way he silently disposes of any obstacle in his path. And Doug Jones is always awesome.
  • Ioan Gruffud as Mr. Fantastic is also okay. But that's the whole point. I can't come up with anymore positives because everything is just "okay".

The bad:

  • Julian McMahon as Dr. Doom - totally not needed.
  • Galactus - I like the cloud, but it ain't Galactus.
  • Silver Surfer without his sheen is very hard to watch and not too believeable.
  • Lawrence Fishburne as Silver Surfer - it doesn't work.
  • Some of Mr. Fantastic's stretchy effects
  • The Surfer having weird powers and sometimes being too reminiscent of T-1ooo.

The ugly:

  • Jessica Alba's hair and eyes. UGLY, UGlY, UGLY.

Well, there you have it. A mediocre movie. If they make a sequel, it should be straight-to-video.

Actually - this one should've been too.

16 June 2007


Watch the teaser trailer here -

And the read the plot description here -

15 June 2007

Rocket Science

Too "Little Miss Sunshine-Garden State-Napolean Dynamite-ish"?

I think so. But the trailer's got me interested anyway.

Watch all of these...


(Click on "Video Playlist" to select)

13 June 2007

Fun, fun, fun!!!

Games at - Gun RunGun Run

Shoot everything to survive.

Play this free game now!!

11 June 2007

Ocean's Thirteen

One word - "Smooth".
Bring on Fourteen!