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29 July 2007

My MTV Work Is On Air!


Here are UN-CUT versions of the two promos I made during my internship at MTV.




Finally back to posting. Coming to the point:

MTV India has a whole new look and the channel's been revamped. So has the website:

My two promos are finally on air. One is the MTV-Vh1 CAS promo. It appears at random times so watch out for it.

The second promo is the intro for a new show on MTV called IT SUCKS! This promo appears at the start of the show, which airs at 6 pm on weekdays. You can also see it online on the same website linked above.

The problem is that the quality's quite bad and the promo has been CENSORED!

I'll be posting an UNCUT version here soon, so look out for that!