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8 January 2008

Rani Bonkeshwari got Brewed!

Cartoon Brew, like Drawn!, is a site I visit almost everyday for news and inspiration. I decided to send in Rani Bonkeshwari in the hopes that they would post it, and guess what? They did!

I'm very, very happy and I'd like to thank those guys for considering this.

Of course I'd also like to thank Manuscrypts who runs the Brantings blog for reviewing this first, over here:

I'm on cloud nine!


Zeke said...

Hey I just saw Rani Bonkeshwari and I think its brilliantly done. Keep up the good work!

still water said...

hey congrats that is got featured on cartoon brew!!

super cool...

see you soon...

Rohit said...


Thanks for the compliments. It does go a long way in keeping one motivated towards doing good work.

still water--

I'll see you soon. Hope you're having a super vacation so far!