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27 November 2008

An Ode to Mr. McKay

Written & Directed by: Siddharth Gautam Singh
Animation: Siddharth Gautam Singh, Rohit Iyer
Sound & Mixing: Siddharth Gautam Singh
Narration: Rohit Iyer

"Once upon a time, not so far away, lived a little frog named Mr. McKay..."

The tale of Mr. McKay, a fashion-conscious frog who loves to party!

Created for Lina Tipnis' show during Lakme Fasion Week 2008.

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fishbowl said...

good stuff!

ROHIT IYER said...


Thanks! Long time no see... how are things? Hope your friends and loved ones are safe and sound.

Sam said...

This is so entertaining and the animation is really nice :)