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12 April 2009


10 April 2009

"I Ate Shreyas R. Krishnan."

UPDATE: You can see more pictures and words about Shreyas' predip on her blog here:


Shreyas did the posters and headers for the combined pre-diploma display (predip) that I'd put up at the end of my 4th year in 2007. Which reminds me, I still have to upload pictures from that display. Anyway, I thought I would reciprocate since it is now Shreyas' turn to put her predip up. I made this series based on a random thought I had. There are some repeats and modifications due to time constraints.

The first image is a mock-up I used to get Shreyas' approval.

The second is the poster (we printed it in different colors).

After that are a series of labels/headers which describe the various courses Shreyas undertook at NID and on her exchange programme.

The last blank one is for her retrospective look-back on the last four years.

As usual, click on the pictures to enlarge. Enjoy!

PS - The creature came to be called Custard after the poem by Ogden Nash.

6 April 2009